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Hmm... thought so.  Oh well! Anyway, since your here, welcome to Chibi Chibi Ko-Ko Pop!, oh honored (but admittedly accidental) guest! No, this is not a Chibi Adoption Agency.  Gomen nasai! Do we... even have any pictures of chibis? Just this:

To cut to the chase, this is actually a GundamW page with shonen ai themes throughout.   If you do not like shonen ai, please hit the back button, I'm not taking the time to write you a link to some other place.  Nothing personal.  If you do not know what shonen ai is, click here and be enlightened.  If you like what you see, then by all means! Come at sit down at our table, dessert will be served monetarily by the hoards of evil rabbits who built this page.   Until then, maybe you can find something to ammuse yourself while you're here and the rabbits are abusing the petit fours.

May 17, 2002 Hi! Some of you might have noticed this page... is half dead. There's actually a very good reason for this! Very good.

It's True! The server cooked a lot of our files, and we weren't about to put up with such nonsense. So, big deal. It's over. This page will *NEVER* be updated again. We've moved.

Screw You We've Moved Fanfiction

So thanks for coming! Sorry were're gone.

We have an itty-bitty short Doujinshi Gallery.

Tired of your dreary desktop? We have *special* Fantasy GundamW Desktops over here.  No, not THAT special. (This is a no-dirty-piccies server but hey, I'm broke...)

Ever wondered what was the matter with those guys? Wonder no more, my fellow psyc students (or aspireing students [_]; I should say). G-boy Shrink-a-thon Try the rest of the page too! Some nice ficcies hang out here. My little work is towards the bottom of the page this link goes to... the only thing under "misc".

Why does Heero keep flinging himself into the sea? Just what is Relina's role? Could Trowa be psychic? Does that make him a wizard? My GOD! Is Duo really a pagan at heart!? The answers to these, and other questions I bet you never one even considered caring about can now (or eventually will be) found at The CCKP Semiotics Page!

For those of you with a lot of time on your hands, I wasted the space posting my HUGE and POINTLESS fanfics here*LEMON ALERT*

Like Iria Winner? Visit the I.N.D.I.S. homepage!

Do you like Rashid? OI mean really really like Rashid? Would you in any way be opposed to Rashid really liking one of the boys? If you didn't say "EWWWWW! PERVERT!" or anything to that general effect the Squicky Rashid ML may be the place for you! Actually, it's for all people not prudish about yaoi pairings and yuri too! Not to metion one more addition to the collections of those who think they belong to EVERY GW yaoi list there is.

Yaoimania Rules! The game that finds something vaguely ammusing to do with those unpainted figures that come packed with some of the newer GW kits. Not for the under 17 crowd or prudish cabbages.

Or, if you just want to scram and get your butt out of this freaky place as fast as you can, you can always take a left and head to Ye Obligatory Links Page.

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There may also be a disclaimers page about... let me see... aha! Here it is!

Hey everyone, my name is Peter. I was born in Mexico and I enjoy surfing the internet. I'm sure you'd love some of the wonderful internet sites I've found couple months ago.

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OK, a lot of you are probably wondering what the deal is with my seperator madness.  Well, this page was INHUMANLY UGLY before I stumbled across this little site:

There now! All of you who fear YOUR pages may be icky should go there right now and set everything straight.  As this is a yaoi page, you may feel free to laugh at that remark.

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