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Here, we have a meager selection of Doujinshi (fan comics) taken from various anthologies that have collected under my bed.  Not all of them are shonen ai- (although, I guess you could construe them that way if you wanted) some are just cute or surreal.  Because this is a free server, I can't put up any of my naughty one's, so, instead, we have some cute, little niblets I've picked out of this book or that one.  I can't read a word of Japanese, so I can not give the tiles for many of the selections here, or the authors for that matter.  Remember, they are laid out to be read from right to left.

[I'd like to appologize ahead of time: to scan these, I had to copy them first because I only have a sheetfed scanner, so the pics may not be of the best quality and may have funny Xerox marks on them.  I know all the talented little doujinshika deserve better, so I humbly bow down to them and say "Gomen nasai!".]

Heero as a Cat from Wing Beat 3- Awww! Kawaii! OK, a lot of people put cat ears on him, but this time it's especially cute, I promise.

Kazuka Minami

Porcelain 2 The sequel to Porcelain, which you can read at Subtle Hints.

Porcelain 3 A quick little spacer, only three pages but it's part of the story. Set around Episode 17, Duo is actually in it.

Crystalize 1 Cute, funny, romanchikku. One of the greatest 3+4's of the doujinshi world continues with the heart-rending tale of Quatre, Trowa and an elephant...

Crystalize 2 Moving and sweet. Quatre talks to Heero about his missing Trowa.

A Gift Comic Donated by the ever gracious and wonderful Figgy and her love of Degital Papa. Oh, they do splendid 2x1's if you've never seen, though this is just a small, tantalizing sample really.

Duo, Quatre and a Hamster From Rising Earth 04.  I have no idea who the author is, but I think this is the most ADORABLE thing!

A short, slightly eerie piece same circle, but this one is from Rising Earth 01.  Anyone who can translate the author's name, I'll love you forever if you tell me!

Lovely Randomness Found this one in an anthology borrowed from the "Mouse House" girl.  So I know neither the author not the source, sadly.  Oh, this one and its mate... just lovely.  You simply have to see.  Everyone's sad here.

Trowa and Quatre in Space Same artist, some beauty, same fantastic glumness.  Now if this one isn't shonen ai, I don't know what is.  Gorgeous.

Surprise! A saucy little Rurouni Kenshin Doujinshi! I know, I know this was SUPPOSED to be a Gundam W doujin page and what not, but this is seriously adorable. Sanosuke and Kenshin featured, naturally.  Thanks to Kirika who gave me the name of the circle: Mo, Odori Gumi.

This one is for sea... A fun little Heero Torture comic by Hiharu: authors of Raku-en! Only, obviously, not serious...

Bedtime This one has the word "Go!" in the title, but you have to say bedtime works too.  Very silly, from Wing Beat 3.

Another short, creapy one with no author  It's from Rising Earth 3 though.  That and I'd like to dedicate it to all the members of the Society Against the Bastardization of 0 System Quatre (despite not being 100% sure of the content).

Assorted Color Pictures...

The Chicken Picture (From Wing Beat 3)
A Pretty Picture of Quatre (From Wing Beat 3)
Duo. Glasses.  What more do you want? (From Wing Beat 3)

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