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(All the backgrounds were taken from Magic: The Gathering cards, which have been cited after the name to give some credit to the artists we mooched off of.  Some foregrounds from Doujinshi that was sold on Ebay.  Thank you all you nice people who scanned them!)

!NUDE! Err... I mean, new.

Yet another Duo! Probably my favoritethat I've done so far.- Lifetap by Mike Dringenburg and Subversion by Rob Alexander.

At last, Wufei!- Mountain by John Avon, Mist Dragon by Al Davidson and a scan from Rising Earth

Duo and Quatre- (My favorite... err... unusual pairing)- Serra's Sanctum by Ciruelo,  Coral Atoll by John Avon and the cover of a doujin called Blue Heaven

Duo and the Moon- Bad Moon by Jesper Myrfors, Feral Shadow by Cliff Nielson, Spirit en-Kor by John Matson, Blinking Spirit by L.A. Williams, Karmic Guide by Heather Hudson, Urborg Panther by Cliff Neilson and the cover of a Doujinsji Called "Wars" by Atumianikees

Heero, Standing Alone in a Field- Tin Wing Chimera by Mike Dringenberg and Plains by Jesper Myfors

Quatre in the Woods- Circle of Protection: Green by Gerry Grace, Unicorn by David Cherry and Faerie Conclave by Val Mayerik

First Edition

My first general attempts at making wallpaper, some involve Tolkien illustrations I can't remember where I found, some not wallpaper sized...

Trowa- Leviathan by Mark Tedin
Duo- Witch Engine by Kev Walker
Heero- Angelic Wall by Rebecca Guay

Heero and Duo- Just take a peek
Trowa and Quatre- Two trees of Valinor

Zechs- Aura Flux by John Avon and Ruins of Trokair by Mark Poole

Blue Series.
[Pictures from Vampire: The Eternal Struggle marked with a *.]
These all just kinda appeared at 2AM one morning I couldn't sleep.  The foreground of the first one is a scan of the cover of a doujinshi someone was selling at Ebay.  If you happen to be that person, write me and I'll give you credit.  Thanks to Sea who provided the foreground for the second one.  The backgrounds are composites with the top layer listed first.

Heero and Duo- Cloak the Gathering* by Randy Gallegos and Bomb* by Amy Webber
Trowa and Quatre- Powerbase: Chicago* by Ken Meyer Jr. and Blanket of Night by Cliff Neilson
Wufei and Treize- Eyes of the Night* by Harold Arthur McNeil and Cloud Dragon by John Avon
Yes, there is a Trowa and Quatre one, but I have thusfar been unable to locate s suitable image for the forground.  Suggestions welcome.

For no good reason, I fixed a less frightening version of the Lovers Card from the Gundam W tarot deck.
And here's a silly gag for South Park fans I made with some leftovers.

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