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Hours and hours of boredom turned into these.  I do ever so hope you like what you are about to read.  If not, the links page has some other places you may fancy.  Please note: I am NOT trying to ruin your eyesight.  The followed pages have been colored in a manner I found appropriate to the content of their stories.  If you  your poor peepers start to hurt, the text has been formatted in such a way you should be able to cut and paste it into any word processing program without problems.  No, I'm not color blind, but thanks for caring! ^_^

The Room Where the Light Won't Find You
My attempt to write a fic that was unlike any other.   Well, it's a novel really... Sadly, for such a long fic, I find that if I say too much about it, I spoil the plot completely.  It's mostly about Duo and contains both drama and comedy not to mention some serious Lemon.

Part 1
Bridge 1
Part 2
Bridge 2
Part 3

The Not-Exactly-Average Misadventures of Dacey and Hiniku
Pretty characters on loan from the very gracious Figbash! (You can go see them in her doujinshi The Tale of Neko Wufei.) Duo and Heero have kids, Quatre and Trowa would like kids, all of the other children on Miss Susie's class want to know about Dacey's two daddies.  If you do not find the slogan "Gay Terrorists Society" offensive, nothing in this story should bother you.

One- In Which Dacey Liberates the Crickets- *UNFINISHED!* But drops off at a reasonable point.  Taking it up again soon! I promise!
Two- In Which Hiniku Sneezes on the Eel

End Transmission *&* Hey Kit Kat
What happens to the timeline if one pilot has a sudden out of character moment? What about two of them? Despite the fact my cryptic notes that appeared on the TQML billed this as more of a Shonen Ai piece [insert the knowing laughter of TRWTLWFY readers here], the latest draft of the outline currently contains some quite Limey moments.  Will they end up in the finished text? I have no idea and I proabably won't remember to come back and change this description if they don't.  If you may be in any way opposed to masturbating Gundam boys, please do not read.

Better Off Alone
Tea in the Sahara
All Three Fates
The Hearts on Your Sleeve

Filks and short stuff
Anti-Relina piece shamelessly ripped off from Dramarama's "Anything Anything".

Red Velvet- A TQ PWP lemon written for sea, who bribed me.  Set in Dacey and Hiniku time, but... well, may be read well alone, really.

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