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And You Though You’d Joined Them All!


Rabbits: <Clap their paws over The Kwobt’s mouth to stop her maniacal laughter.>


First of all, why the hell call a mailing list “The Squicky Rashid ML”? Well, as I am so very fond of saying, “Why not”? Have you ever seen a Gundam W organization of any kind with his name on before? Well, there may be and “Anti-Bastardization” out there but I haven’t actually laid eyes on it myself.  What’s not to like about Rashid? He takes care of lovely Quatre, he’s the calmest and sanest of the Maganacs, he can kick some serious hiney in his mobile suit.  Sure he’s got funny hair! So does everyone else in the show…

He’s also got an odd little tie in to Wufei.  Yes, they are connected.  Some people get absolutely, positively squicked beyond all words to describe squickiness if someone makes any reference to him having a libido, so her never does.  Wufei has a similar problem (being the odd man out in 1x2/3x4 stories) but even he does not approach the disgust some people associate with Rashid.  It’s really not fair.  People have written stories with Quinze and Tsubarov getting quality sheet-rumpling time with the boys.  But not Rashid! That would be gross.  I think part of the reason must be that the most obvious partner for him is Quatre, and Quatre of course usually ends up with Trowa so…

The other part may be the age difference but even shota-con people tend to cyber-scribble this when I mention Rashid’s naughty bit: >_<.

Honestly I don’t know so I’ll shut up now.

But I’m not saying that’s wrong.  This is a mailing list based on the idea that NOTHING is ever WRONG when interpreting Gundam W.

Basically, The Squicky Rashid ML was concieved as a place pairings that are quote on quote "wrong"... but that kinda ended up meaning scholarly debate and ficcies.

What kind of ficcies? Yaoi… and by Yaoi, we mean all pairings of Yaoi, including those which may be perceived as “icky” other places.  But we also like regular pairings too.

We support reversible boys! That means either can be uke and they’re allowed to switch if they want to.

And Yuri! Primarily, there will be Yaoi, but if you fancy finding out what Sally Po would do if she found Noin in her bed covered with chocolate syrup, none of us will stand in your way.

We are also Shota-con friendly which means you may see older men in bed with little boys.

By Scholarly Debate we mean calm, well-presented arguments about something you may think about something in Gundam W.  You can state reasons for pairings, interpret symbols, fill in plotholes… all that good stuff.  Rebuttals of course should be equally well-stated.

We like good manners period here and well-written fics.  Please beta things before you send them in.  We also like well-presented things where if you go way far out in the avant garde (i.e. making Heeor a total asshole because you need someone mean) you justify it somehow at some point (i.e. the traumatic childhood trauma that made Heero hate such-and-such so much he just couldn’t be nice to thim).  Creativity is nice too.


Flaming will ABSOLUTELY NOT be tolerated.  There is no such thing as WRONG on this ML.  Just because you don’t think what someone else thinks doesn’t mean you have to call them a “Spooty-spoot head” or anything worse.  You may state politely why you don’t, but be nice.

No fights over who’s uke in which pairing.  Yawn.

No Yaoi/Yuri/Shota-con bashing.

No fights over the rape thing with Trowa.  No fights over rape period.  People have a right to write what they want, you don’t have to read it.  By joining this list you have agreed to disagree.

No pointless one line posts, especially of the off-topic kind.

Please keep your sig files within sensible limits.  If you go over we may have to suspend you.

No hack work or plagiarism of other people’s fics or sending of fics to people off the list.

Rudeness in general is not looked kindly upon.

How to join.

Please send the following in a mail to both members of our admin:

Name (Screen names are fine)

Occupation Online (Do you fic? Draw? Annoy people? Run some society?)

The square root of 69

One sentence- Why do you want to join this list?

How long have you been a fan of Gundam W?

One sentence- Who do you like the best of the Characters in Gundam W and why?

A short piece of writing… say an except from a fic or a mini fic.  If you don’t have a fic, write an editorial on some matter in Gundam W fandom (one that would be acceptable on the list).  This character’s portrayal, the decadence of that genre…  URLs are OK provided they work.

If you have a webpage, we’d like to see that too and also your sig file.

Oh! Incidentally we’re…

We will send you an approval notice as soon as we can.  We run out of egroups so you have get an account there if you don’t already have one.  Don't worry.  They're nice people.

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