The Game for Yaoists with nothing better to do...

My sister, her boyfriend and I have actually found something entertaining to do with those little plastic figures that came with the 1/100 EW kits… and some of the newer releases of the original kits.

We call it “Yaoi-mania” and yet, it is sort of a takeoff on the game “pigmania”.  For those of you who’ve never played, basically, you have these two rubber pigs (I’m serious) and you shake them around then dump them on some smooth surface.  Points are scored by how they land, some positions are worth more than others… To answer your question, no, you shouldn’t be rushing to play with your 8 year old niece.

You need at least two of the little figures.  The more you have, the more fun it is though.  If you have one of the empty model boxes about too, that can be used as a shaker.  Probably everyone should have a piece of paper and a pencil, maybe a calculator if you’re like me and you can’t add.

They’d better not be painted incidentally or shakage will cause some serious damage.

First- decide how many turns you’re going to take.  Have to do this ahead of time to avoid fights.  Battle With Cheese Sticks for the right to go first.

During your turn, you shake the box of figures then carefully open it to see how they landed.

Scoring proceeds as follows.

[Foot-fetish items included because you’d really be surprised how often that happens.]

Toe licking- 1 point
Foot-in-crotch- 2 points
Kissing- 5 points
Hand on nipples- 7 points
Hand on bum- 10 points
Hand on crotch- 15 points
Nipple licking- 17
Rim Job- 20 points
Oral Sex- 25 points
69- 45 points
Two, facing each other, head to head, crotch to crotch- 40 points
Umm… nice rodgering from behind- 50 points


Bonuses for #-somes- say 10 additional points for each person over two appearing to be part of the same clump orgy.

The hair thing- -10 points if Duo’s braid comes off.  –20 points of Trowa’s bang detaches (because it’s harder to knock off).

The seme bonus- pick a character.  If at any time that character appears on top of another in any position, you get 15 bonus points.

Honestly, you have no idea how much fun this is!