I don't own anything on these pages.  Rabbits! What do I own then?

Jameson, the Shadey Jackrabbit, <Clears throat.> Currently in your possesion are...

2,759 Pens- black and Sanrio Novelty <Kwobt ^_^;>

Fourteen Gundams- assembled, but not painted

Three Card Captor Sakura figures

One cubic foot of smutty doujin you can't post due to obscenity restrictions on your server

Six Tanith Lee books

Some lint

Several hundred rare CD's all from rare bands only you like

A set of satin sheets

A stuffed kitty

Two decks of cards

And that subtitled copy of the Utena movie your brother gave you for your birthday

Now, what all you people who fancy suing me for pilfering your characters, mecha and what ever the heck else I took...

Jameson: Several pairs of leather shorts, a large order of Chinese take out, some lines form The Simpsons and what appears to be a keg of Asahi beer.

...must ask yourselves- is this worth the time and the chance of coming into contact with, eww, a lawyer?

Thank you and have a trippy day!