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Hey, fine with me! But even if you hated it here and you thought it was a complete waste of your short little life, I want you to have a good time, so here are some fun places you may want to go instead.

Other (Better) Doujinshi (And Comics) Pages:

Wai! Wai! My Oneesan Figgy lives here! She draws the CUTEST little piccies! You have to see them! If nothing has made you happy in a long while, this will! I Promise! The ficcies are great too!

Yes... this site is down now: Ai no Kussou was forced out of existence by some pissy little #(*\\$&* whose kid got on it my mistake. I'd get a blue ribbon for my page to protest, but isn't this a pretty piccie?

Addicted to GW- Doujinshi scans featureing Quatre and a commercial manga no one's ever heard of that's quite unusual.

illusion of innocence- Another Quatre-friendly site with some spiffy scans.  I like the 2x4 the best! ^_^

Blind Target translated! This is actually another 2x4 page and so you must have recognized my favorite guilty pleasure ^_^;.

Wah! Nobody loves Wufei! ... well, Tzigane does... and she has doujin, passworded ficcies, and a lot of very erudite (and occasionally saucy) observations on GW fandom.

The Trowa and Quatre page! They have not-so-dirty (including Porcelein by Kazuka Minami. I love her! I really do!) and some dirty in a passworded area.

GundamWing.org- Translation of some of the Episode 0's and... doujinshi! Besides a lot of really great general info!


This is my dear, dear friend Murasaki's site. She's a fantastic writer with a European grace and the power to describe just about any place and keep you there entralled for pages. Want to read something fantastic and moving? Go here!

Furor Scirbendi- Lorena Manuel's page. Not only does this lovely lady turn out some of the best AU 3x4's ever written, she's a published author who donates a percentage of her profits to anti-hate crime causes!

Isabella Kroft's House of Angst, Angst, Angst and the occasional rant. All fics feature Trowa and Quatre. All rants hilarious.

Madam Hydra's Lair-  Go for The Other Side, stay for... gee! There sure is a lot to pick from!

Home of Promises Under the Influence and other disturbing fics not to mention doujinshi reviews.

Lil'? Lil'? She kids you! If you can't find it, maybe it's here. The new server's not as nasty too!

Kikotei's Gundam Wing Page- Acres and Acres of *really* good fics!

LoneWolfe's GW Page- Duo and Heero fics the way your mother doesn't want you to read them.

Red For Passion- Shusu-chan's personal archive as well as Sub-Rosa: the mini DF's and home to some of the best fiction available today... and me too for some odd reason.

This Far Off Dawn: A GW Yaoi Fanfiction Ring
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General GW:

General info, a passworded lemon fic archive, hilarious top tens!

God of Death: Shrine to Duo Maxwell- Had to put this link here.  My favorite shrine for one of my favorite pilots.

So you want a Trowa Page? This, my friends, is a Trowa page!

And, to be fair, here be the Heero page.  Notice I have one for each of the boys ^_^.

Animanga Dimension- Another great general info site with more pictures than you ever knew existed.  Also some doujinshi.

Chibi C's- A page of dancing, dubbing commentary and a cute lil fics page.

Web Site Goodies... For Nothing!

Free Japanese Fantasy Graphics... in english!

Another great free graphics site that just converted... to english!

The little things...

CoolText.com- The reason all you people with ugly pages should be ashamed!

Moyra's- Almost better to look and not touch...

Misc [Read "Shopping"]

Otakan- Isabella Kroft's page.  She's the George Orwell of Otaku satire.

Peaceful Passions- A Lord of the Rongs Slash Site! No, I didn't believe it either at first but... yay! Who wants to see Frodo with no pants? Me! Me!

Ebay.com- Buy back your childhood and suplement it with some doujinshi of your own.

Anime Ricesite- Buy some Gundams.  Pose them suggestively.

JPOP Help- Hear Duo Sing! (Normally, this would have a link for an online merchant that sells earplugs after it, but I don't know of any good ones...)

Manga Bonbons- Old and new school shojo manga listings! They have the publishers and ISBN's- you can't actually buy books right there, but if you're looking for something romantic, I bet you can find out where to get it here.  The webmistress couldn't be sweeter!

FirebirdArts- No, these people don't sponser me... but they have a Vanyel doll! Wai! Wai!

Terseron's Pop Lyrics Server- Can't shop here either, but if you need the words for a song that goes with that special songfic you've been working on...

This is the silliest site! But it's so much fun if you're bored or you know a lot about your favorite bishonen!  Thanks to the people in the TQML weekly chat who sent me here.

Oh yeah! It's offcial now...

Did you know the Evil ppl lets rabbits join? They do now! If you're an evil rabbit, or if you run your own webpage anyway and STILL haven't joined this illustrious organization, I highly recommend you sign up! It's free and it's a great excuse to paste pretty piccies all over your page.  Click on Duo for more info.  Yeah, I know this would typically be Heero's job...

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