One would think from the looks of this page, that it is some sort of shrine for the dearly departed sister of Quatre, who, like many of the female characters in Gundam W, deserved more screen time than she ever got. Well, yes! We love Iria here. In fact, we love her so much, we here at I.N.D.I.S. are dedicated to convincing all of fandom that she is not dead.

I.N.D.I.S. stands for Iria's Not Dead I Say. Mostly because just I.N.D. sounds like a bad rap group. Does that face look like the face of a girly gangster chick to you? Didn't think so.

Our Justification...
We... have a justification? Why is it nobody tells me these things?

Well, I guess that first of all, the only other time I ever heard of anyone dying because they were slammed up against the wall was in a Saturday morning cartoon that aired back in the 80's. Not only did the scene cut away technically before the child in question supposedly expired (so the viewers never saw if anything else happened), but I was only about four years old at the time so my memory is most likely fuzzy...

"But Quatre fell on her!" you say. Yes, and he weighs less than your average super-model. That and to more I watch that scene, the less sense the physics of it seem to make... he doesn't even look like he was falling fast enough to have hurt HIMSELF.

Even even if she was critically injured between catching a falling Quatre and slamming against the wall, we're talking about a show that's set more that 200 years in the future. Medical technology is so highly advanced, that Trowa and Catherine can easily keep a self-destructed Heero from death without even taking him to the hospital.

Yeah, I know they said she had died in the one novel, but just as reliable sources have stated she did not. Don't believe me? Try this little link.

Why doesn't she appear in any more of the series if she's alive? Because she could be recovering from grave injuries, and at any rate, she lives on a far-flung asteroid colony. If Quatre tried to contact her, he could have put them both in danger. Besides, the later episodes tend to be so plot driven or obsessed with that Relina girl...

Finally, we want her to be alive! Iria's a really neat character! There's so much we have yet to learn about her, and so much she could teach us about Quatre! Why did she choose to become a doctor when she had so much money? Will she and Quatre ever become close? What dysfunctions of the Winner family has she been privy too? It is a TERRIBLE shame the writer's didn't include more of her!

Anyone with more reasons why they think Iria is aline can email them to me and I will see about adding them to our list.


Lady Eia kindly donated some screen-caps of Iria to us! Yapi! Domo arigatou! We hope these help to... convince you, as it were.  Many of them involve Quatre, and basically, they summarize her involvement in the show, everything about her ^_^.  We love them.

Almost Holding Quatre in the Hospital
Still Holding Quatre (well, not quite)
Looking Quatre in the Face
Glaring at Her Father
Iria patting Quatre's Shoulder
Looking Grave and Worried
Being Held by Quatre
From the End of The Episode

Our Linking Center...
If we don't spread the word, who will?

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Of course, if out logos just clash horribly with your color scheme, or you fancy making your own, you're welcome to do that as well! (But I'd kinda like to see any new logos you make, and would be happy to put them up here with your permission.)

Also, I'm trying to start a little list of links to the pages of those people who have been quietly protesting so far by including Iria in all their after-series fics, anyone who happens to put up another shrine to the dear lady, and anyone who links back here.

Shrine to the Women of Gundam Wing- Catherine Bloom's site! All the info you ever wanted on any of the horribly ignored female characters of our favorite series. Also the kind person who donated my piccies of Iria.

Mashimizu: A Shrine to Sally Po- now a proud member of the (itty-bitty) I.N.D.I.S. family! Thanks to Lady Eia once again!

Well, that's all for now!
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