Dumb Semiotics Gags Hidden in the Chibi-Chibi Ko-Ko POP! Semiotics section... 

Trust me guys, itís a fair fight.

Yessire! You verses the pudding catapaults of my madness ^_^V!

Note- please DO NOT read this until you have gone through the entire report.  This is an odd little reward I prepared for nice people who wanted to mail me, but please take me seriously when I say you'll enjoy it more when you're all done.

This piccie should keep you at bay in the mean time...

There now! All done? Here we go!


Well, the color scheme (bright colors on black) was pretty much done to "match" with the rest of my page but, well, my page was never good at matching so there.  Bright colors on black also kinda remind some people of the early days of computers, when in paint programs all you got a choice of for new files was black or white background and it was more fun to draw on the black because it made everything look all bright and...

Rabbits: You're the only person who thinks like that...

Err... probably true ^_^;.  The intro and a lot of the side pages were done in shades of blue, which invites mystery and magick and madness and other great things that start with "m".  The side pages are brighter to make them seem happier and ergo easier.  Links are white- which makes them stand out (and seem inviting) The red color assumed by visited links doesn't seem to match with the rest of the page- it's more for surprise than for blood or happiness connotations, depending on how you're thinking.

Most of the pages feature windows beside the title. Windows are open, they let you see things you couldn't if you didn't have them.  They represent a willingness to perceive things.

Heero's section:

Is in red, red for the blood of the war he was forced to fight, red for the blood on his hands.  Visited links in his section go from white (purity) to a darker red (old blood if you will, getting darker implies shadow things too).

But everything is laced with pictures of white feathers too.  Feathers for flight, for freedom, white again for purity.  It also ties in with him being an android archetype and if you want to see them as angel feathers, that's redemption.

Duo's section:

Duo's text is in white... but it's off white, almost pale grey.  Not quite pure, not quite as sad as a darker grey of storm clouds.  This juxtaposed with the luminescent moon in the black night outside his windows.  The moon can be taken as a symbol of femininity, but it's also the main light of midnight, the brightness amid darkness.  Hope against evil.  The illicit pagan ways.  It's a little misty and confused in the picture.

And you all know why I picked the crosses, right?

Trowa's section:

Is in blue for the same reason the main and aside pages are in blue, I just picked a new shade.  Celestial objects abound! They are the mysterious tools of the wizard.

Quatre's section:

Ah, the butterfly motif.  Butterflies are innocent, free creatures.  Quatre appears innocent and I at least perceive him as wanting to be free.  The title graphic of the butterfly amid the swirls of planets and galaxies is sort of a deranged metaphor for his empathy- butterfly, flitting through everyone's souls, feeling everyone.  Anyway, the purpley-blue color I lost the code for represents nobility.

Wufei and Meiran's section:

Is my favorite, scheme wise.  Look at the windows.  Notice anything? It's the only page where the graphics at the top are differnt.  They match perfectly, but they aren't the same.  They are two differnt parts of the same picture, which goes along with the whole idea that Wufei and Mei are two halves of a whole.  It's a sunset, which can signify and end, and as you all know, their existence as one being in tow people was cut short, ended abruptly.  The background is filled with yin-yang- a Chinese symbol of duality and the text is colored to match the sunset, besides most of it being white for purity (purity of justice Wu-chan).

Dorothy's section:

Obscure logic at work here.  Hourglasses.  Time is the demon that destroys all.  Acidic purple for her lies as it is not true purple and therefore not true nobility.

The Titles (almost all songs):

Nowhere Boys- "Nowhere Girl" by B-movie.  "Nowhere" kinda implies a very lost feeling, and the boys are kinda "lost" in a way, trying to find themselves and peace...

Heero- "You're an Angel" by Madonna.  It just came on the radio while I was working.

Duo- "Black Celebration" by Depeche Mode.  Anyone ever realize how well so many of their songs suit him? That may just be me being an etchi fangirl but anyway... "black" of course is a dark term one seldom sees paired with a happy word like "celebration".  See? Duo all over.

Relina- "I could be your mother and a homecoming queen"... err... corrupted snibble of a song I can't quite remember...

Trowa- "Bid me time to return" is a line form The Tempest by William Shakespeare.

Quatre- Another song that just came on the radio.  I know it's called "My Love is Stronger" but I couldn't say who sings it.  The chorus goes "My love is stronger than your pain/ stonger than your fear/ sweet enough to wash/ the salt from your tears...".  I THINK it's sung by Christine W.

Wufei- "The Ghost in You" by the Psychedelic Furs.  I can almost hear Wufei singing it.  It's a lovely song, go see if you can dig up an MP3 of it.  Here are the words.

Dorothy- "We Are Ever Damn'd With Lucifer" is a line from The Tragical History of Dr. Faustus... spoken by the demon.

Trieze- "Once a King" is a corruption of The Once and Future King.

Here's a surprise! it's a cheatsheet with a lot of odd, spiffy things on it.  A Summary of you will of the whole report, weather I got around to writing it or not.

Yes, I know I thought too much about all of this, about the whole thing really, so back to the main page with you!
Or the main, main page ^_^;.