Midi Une 

Where ever you go Trowa...

...the controversy is never far behind.  I wonder if he's really paranoid because of all these ettchi fangirls who keep tailing him and thinking such odd things about him.

Like many of the female characters in Gundam W, the small girl in question receives neither enough screen time and not much of an explanation period.  In fandom, another minor Trowa-war surrounds her like a cloak of swirling battle dust.  Who is she? What is her purpose in the story? What does she mean?

Which is really an amazing series of questions considering the child barely has an identity of her own.  She is a small blond girl who betrayed Trowa after speaking with him for a few obscure frames in a comic you have to trample little Japanese girls to get.  She may well be as much of an icon as the little girl with the dog- devoid of a persona, reduced to a metaphor clad only in human form.  Tear away her skin and maybe there is only a word.

Yet, story without Midi is the same essentially… or is it? Who was responsible for the deaths of Trowa’s mercenary band? Well, she was… but there were so many other ways to do away with them.  So many other things that could have been flashed back to in her stead that would have lead the plot in a similar direction.  But instead we have this little girl with a name that is hardly even her own.  Une- same as Lady Une.  And does Trowa even remember her?

The long of it...

Midi can actually fit rather well into the whole idea of Trowa being a wizard and his life being a series fo quests and initiations.  I almost liken her to a faerie in my mind.  We are given little Midi standing alone in the jungle. no other little girls around anywhere- no other people in the scene really where she so innocently declares her name to the boy pointing a gun at her head.  She looks out of place.

Trowa “saves” her at first without hesitation and just as promptly she presents him with a gift.  In Japan, crosses and other western religious paraphernalia appear more mystical than pious, and she gives him one, which is like her little faerie sign she’s bestowing on Trowa because he’s a wizard and that’s just what faeries do in that situation.  It is her pot of gold, her sign that she writes on his forehead.  He is hers.  He is under her spell, though she is scarcely as old as he.

Instead of a wand, she had her little console that she plays with.

She serves Trowa and the mercenaries (who are like senior wizards) because faeries offer their services to those who protect them.  But she is still under control of the “Faerie Queen” and her console’s “power” may only be used for the purposes of such- which are of course anti-human.   Trowa being wise of course, realizes what’s going on after the humans are destroyed by the evil bitter faeries (if you will of course… notice there was never any reason given for why the other mercenaries felt compelled to attack, like there’s no reason faeries hate humans sometimes).

He also realizes, that to set Midi free, he has to destroy the wand even though represents her “power”.  The cross was a talisman to him too (perhaps partially of ownership), but he can no longer be with Midi since he is a soldier and she must to learn to find her own way.  By destroying both items, he sets everyone involved free.  He has done a wise deed and freed one of the fae.

The short of it...

The simple explanation, as presented by Murasaki, Is that it serves as a reminder to him of some sort for the time he owned it- of his past, of his desire to get into space.  He wore it as long as he did for luck, being a child and perhaps somewhat hopeful yet.

Or perhaps, it is that he took it as a sign that misguided people could change, thinking that Midi had at once? Then she betrays him and he sees that it is not so simple to show such people the light, and so, he somewhat brutally tries to awaken her (as most awakenings in Gundam W are even more virulent) by doing away with whatever connections she had to evil, by stranding her.  He also severs himself from her by destroying the cross, leaving her without even a friend.

Leaving both of them to start over.

And in the end...

Either way, the last frame of the manga is Trowa alone in the grass looking skyward.  The long weeds are nearly the same as he is shown standing in as an infant.  Plainly he is disserted of everything but memories.

But what memories?

Come on loves, what’s the next scene where we try to see Trowa shock someone out of being evil? Someone bent unwillingly towards destruction.  Someone who’s blond and looks ever so innocent…

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